Additional supported inputs
By searching for Sols by Earth date use:
( hh, mm, ss are optional)
By searching for Earth date by Sol use:
0 - 6786
For LTST of the Mastcam, MAHLI and MARDI
shots just copy the complete date from
the JPL's raw images site:
( YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss UTC)
Instrument data products
IdentifierData Product
EDR_FFull frame EDR
EDR_SSub frame EDR
EDR_DDownsampled EDR
EDR_TThumbnail EDR
Coord. Oppy
Sol   LTST ::  S.el.  az.  at Sunrise :: az.   Sunset :: az. 
HLST::    Sun at noon   Daytime     MarsSeason   Ls   Solardec 
 Camera Season: Daytime:   
 SOL Solar el max: Sunrise:  Sunset:  
 LTSTSolar el/az: Solardec: Ls
  Product type  
 full image link or file name code or...   
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